Blurred lines

You are not a part of me

You are a separate entity, in which I have built tremendous and real connection with.

I must abandon the fantasy, to find myself

I must abandon the fantasy to free myself

Reality, is much better than the fantasy

Your real essence is much better than any fantasy that i created

My real essence is much better than any fantasy

Real life is more fun

In real life lies real possibilities

That you must water

That you have neglected while holding on to fantasy

Fantasy was fun

Fantasy was exciting

Fantasy was as limitless as the imagination

But with its limitlessness came confusion

And with confusion

We embarked into the darkness.

The darkness was a common ground

The darkness was safe for both of us

It was a time when we needed each other always

It was a time when the connection was strongest

So we clung to the darkness when we wanted to feel each other’s love.

So that the darkness turned into love somehow

The lines got blurry

And invited hate

Now sometimes I don’t know if I hate you, or myself

And sometimes I don’t know if you hate you or me

In the darkness we were one

In the darkness we felt each other

The light was always temporary

The light pushed us out of fantasy

The light said, reality is better

The light said go, and bloom

The light said grow

The light said leave fantasy and flourish

But in the light, we couldn’t feel each other as closely

Convinced we needed each other to survive

We ran in search of the darkness, to feed what had become a sick addiction

Hurting each other to stay connected in fantasy

Now, I choose to listen to the light

And I hope you do the same

I’ve listened to light

I choose to leave fantasy

And grow

And bloom

And I hope one day, we can be together in the present moment.

The only time when fantasy and real exist together

And the only place where light is able to shine.

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