10 Questions for the New Year

1. What was your favorite single day/single event of the year?

Seeing U2 in concert in Indianapolis with Lawson.

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2. What was the best thing you built/created?


3. What was the most impactful decision you made for you and your family’s future?

Returning to Apple Retail.

4. What was your best financial achievement?

Tithing faithfully!

5. Did you achieve any lifelong goals?

Saw U2 in concert from the ground floor for their The Joshua Tree tour.

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6. What was the hardest lesson you learned over the past year?

I am not entitled to anything and can lose everything at any time.

7. Did you develop any new hobbies or passions? Are there any new hobbies or passions you want to develop in the New Year?

I became an expert on packing light.

8. What was the most humbling experience of the past year?

Losing my apartment, re-homing my dogs, moving in with my daughter and her family.

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9. What is the one thing you are most grateful for from this past year?

My daughter and her family taking me in and my friends letting me crash at their places.

10. What are your personal goals for the coming year? Family goals? Religious goals? Health goals? Financial or career goals?

Visit my grandson as often as possible. Grow in my friendships at The Belonging. Return to my Yoga practice. Create a huge emergency fund.

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Technology trainer by day, sleep nerd by night, grandma and writer on my days off. #GeekyGrandma

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