Illustration by Marley Allen-Ash

When Target closed in Canada, it left a crater in many suburban malls. In Thorncliffe Park, a group of health-care providers stepped in.

Illustration by Marley Allen-Ash

In inner suburbs like Mount Dennis, the convenience of commuters zooming through often takes precedence over the wellbeing of locals.

Illustration by Marley Allen-Ash

How a drop-in program for youth is changing the nature of mental health recovery on Toronto’s west side.

Hernan Munoz is part of the Mindful MC’s, a rap group made up of people who have struggled with mental health.

This election’s been full of distractions, but the decisions we make affect the health of Torontonians in ways that aren’t always obvious.

Illustration by Saman Sarheng

In virtually every culture, people connect over food. To be deprived of food is to be alienated from social life.

Illustration by Saman Sarheng

In a city of immigrants, interpreters play an often overlooked role — trekking across the GTA to ensure new Torontonians are understood.

Ghirmai Abraha heads out from his home in the Oakridge neighbourhood of East Toronto. (Photos by Nick Iwanyshyn)

The stories behind Parkdale’s overdose prevention site.

Last year, Olympia Trypis overdosed in a schoolyard park. The 23-year-old now volunteers at the Parkdale overdose prevention site. (Photos by Tai Huynh)

Jen Quinlan was just trying to get Roma kids to the dentist. She ended up picking a fight with one of Canada’s richest real estate firms.

Illustration by Marley Allen-Ash

Lack of affordable housing can have devastating and long-lasting health effects for teenage parents and their children.

Photos by Nick Iwanyshyn

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