What I mean to communicate is that our thoughts create our emotions.
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Emmaly Beck

But they don’t. This is wrong. (See my other response to your comment about the science of this.)

Again, having the view point you do does stigmatize the mentally ill. Here’s how:

If people believe what you’re feeding, and science says otherwise, then the people who are subject to being mentally ill will continue to be told to just ‘think their way out of their depression’ or schizophrenia or whatever their affliction might be.

Religion has been doing this for centuries and is why mental illness is stigmatized like it is. So your lofty pseudo-religious viewpoint that doesn’t match reality in fact does stigmatize, whether you mean it to or not.

It’s fine if you want to have some lofty, pseudo-religious view point on controlling yourself, but it must still agree with the realities of measurable science. Otherwise it’s mumbo-jumbo horse shit.

You should seriously consider a broader world view than what it is you think or make up as a belief. Try learning about how things actually work first, then make up your belief system on top of that. … Unless you don’t care to suffer being called a fool.

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