What has been done in the past on bipolar 2 is helping me right now, and I more than appreciate…
Janet Coburn

Now being pissed (dismayed) at science reporting is something we are on the same page about!! Headline sensationalism is a real thing that doesn’t help, especially with regards to medicine (how it often scares people or imparts a wrong narrative).

Now, I don’t know what recent breakthroughs you might be ultimately talking about in your original post, bit let me share this…

At the beginning of May, there was a article published in Molecular Psychiatry, a Nature publication.

Molecular Psychiatry (2017) 00, 1–11: “Cortical abnormalities in bipolar disorder: an MRI analysis of 6503 individuals from the ENIGMA Bipolar Disorder Working Group” (doi:10.1038/mp.2017.73)

It followed on the heels of a March review article.

Molecular Psychiatry (2017) 22, 666–679: “The dopamine hypothesis of bipolar affective disorder: the state of the art and implications for treatment” (doi:10.1038/mp.2017.16)

From the latter: “This model, if confirmed, has implications for developing new treatment strategies such as reducing the dopamine synthesis and/or release in mania and DAT blockade in bipolar depression.”

From the former: “While we demonstrate a clear pattern of cortical thinning associated with BD, future endeavors should examine the value of these measures for improving the lives of patients including in studies of quality of life, patient outcomes and early detection and intervention.”

Point being: Use of the current research for developing new treatments, right now, is always the focus of clinicians and medical researchers.

Where does this fail patients? The market. That is, insurance companies, pharmaceutical markets, and government interference/gerrymandering in that market (everything from tax code to FDA regulations, etc.)

The ONLY solution I know of at this time (sadly) is to vote out politicians and vote in scientists. ‘The system’ can be made better for patients,right now, by putting in control/oversight scientists who actually understand the system and have the peoples’ interest at heart (not money or the next election). Unfortunately that’s the best I’ve got. :/

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