Behind the MLM: The ItWorks Scheme

I’m sure you’ve probably seen those annoying posts about ‘a magic wrap that helps you lose weight in 45 minutes’ — a combination of overpriced Saran Wrap and ‘natural’ ingredients designed to help make even the laziest person skinny; without the effort.

… Sounds pretty good, right?

With the research we’ve done on this ‘revolutionary’ scheme we’ve uncovered some pretty unsettling data. Some of which would have even the most ‘seasoned’ wrap-pusher running for the hills.

One of these is the payment and company structure. For one; like Vemma, Herbalife and nearly any other MLM opportunity; you’re required to purchase a ‘pack’ to get you started with a small load of product to badger your friends and family until they feel so bad for you they have to purchase (mostly just to get you to shut up…)

On top of that; without even needing to go into the program — there’s an autoship program. Which is where these companies make their money.

See; surprising to most (especially those inside the company) is that the majority of the sales generated from ‘ItWorks’ are actually those of the poor souls pushing it. They’re not making their sales from those of actual customers… instead; those who join as an affiliate.

Pretty wild, huh? There’s more…

Apart from the common mandatory ordering of product (or pay to play) styled approach — and the autoship; they really go to great lengths to try to sell you on this image of ‘Fit without the work’ — leading most who actually partake in using the products to experience the placebo effect.

See; we had an intern who formerly promoted the ‘ItWorks’ opportunity. She said she joined with high hopes — after an old school pal talked her into joining one night at her house.

“She was overly pushy — saying I’d be rich and she wanted to help me get there” — she recalled.

“I wasn’t sure what was really going on until I was asked for a credit card number. Eventually I just gave in to get it over with and have her leave me alone.”

A tactic often used by these multi-level schemes in strides. It’s all about the recruitment. (Probably why the only social media posts you see from people you know are trying to get you to join the opportunity — rather than actually trying the product.)

“I started with an open mind — I studied some of the training they provide on their ‘hit or miss’ website. Even connected with an upline leader who was making ‘$10,000/mo.’ pushing these wraps.”

“After a few weeks; maybe 2 months tops I found myself dwindling in both friends and leads — soon I realized that there weren’t many people foolish as I was to join… ItWorks was draining me of cash and not a single ‘leader’ could provide any real information to grow.”

“Lots of ‘watch this’ or ‘read this’ but not a single leader I connected with (some 10–15 or so) could actually sit down and give me any real information.”

“One even said ‘it’s all about recruiting — the more you recruit these suckers the more you’ll earn’ — basically saying it’s not about the results or the people. It’s about the profits.”

“And I’ll be honest; at first the money was what attracted me — but hurting someone or selling them false hope was not on my list of ethical things to do to earn cash.”

“So I Quit.”

“I cancelled my autoship and tried to distance myself from the 3 or 4 people I personally knew trying to push the stuff.”

“… to say I received an interesting reaction would be an understatement. 3 out of the 4 people started sending me messages saying ‘you weren’t meant to succeed with us’ or ‘it’s just not for everyone’ or my personal favorite ‘guess we’ll look down on you from the top’ — some very deep stuff obviously.”

What we’ve noticed is a certain ‘cult-like’ aspect to the way these promoters act about their unethical opportunity of false hope and blatant lies… and that’s anger.

More often than not any expression of the truth for what it is evokes backlash from these small groups of promoters.

Our intern had a pretty sour experience but that’s only half of it… Opportunities like this are what give the MLM industry the horrible name it currently has. With companies like Vemma getting shut down by the FTC — the imminent similar fate of ItWorks and Herbalife soon to follow… There aren’t many choices left.

So we’ll just stick to some of the data — though; many reading this are going to have a hayday disputing the evidence; but that’s completely fine. Look it all up for yourself and even you’ll come across the cold hard facts…

‘Wrapping’ your gut results in heat collecting in the covered areas; this causes a reaction inside the body. The heat allows you to actually shed some water weight for a short time — this is what gets everyone going mad when they try it.

Partly wanting it to work and hoping that it doesn’t not work; you get the results you want — the easy results. Because the easy way is the best way, right?


Weight loss is hard. Incredibly hard. And for most; ItWorks isn’t their first choice to get the job done — but it’s the only option that has the sort of ‘cult-like’ characteristics like ItWorks has.

Claiming to help you lose those extra pounds without any hard work. Just wrap up your belly, replace all your meals with a cocktail of vaguely valued ingredients and boom. You’re fit and healthy as a horse.

If only it were that easy… But sadly it’s not. Many of these vultures promoting the ItWorks opportunity aren’t in it for the hard work. They’re in it for the easy-ness. In fact; if half of them put in a quarter of the work actually dieting and exercising as they do promoting the garbage; they’d probably be fit.

But some want the cake and to eat it too. (No pun intended)

If there’s anything you should take away from this it’s this… ItWorks isn’t any different than 99% of the other MLM scams out there. Sure; ‘you can hate but I’m still earning’ — only to have the data (from ItWorks themselves) to show otherwise.

A shocking 1% of the non-executive level (those who were in it before the actual launch) make 10% of what ItWorks claims you can make. Leaving an astounding 99% earning less than $50/mo. With the average customer sign up lasting less than 2 months.

This means there are more people who sign up and immediately stop using the products. Probably because they simply don’t work — but I’m sure there’s another explanation (insert ItWorks promoter to swoop in and deny this) though it’s sadly true.

Don’t fall for the hype, people. You’re far better off starting your own thing or joining a real, reputable company. One that actually works with each of its members to provide resources for success.

NOT a company that pays you on referrals (a HUGE redflag; especially with these MLM’ers) — There’s no shortcut to weight loss that isn’t heavy dieting, exercise and/or medical procedures. It doesn’t come in the form of an over-priced saran wrap — shady chemical blends of ingredients that aren’t really all that good for you — or a veil of placebo to make you think the previous actually works.

Just some food for thought to any of those still in the dark (or those fortunate enough to not have heard of this scheme)

… And before the ItWorks promoter angrily reading this replies:

  1. I’m not hating — just pointing out the data.
  2. ‘Keep hating — I’m still earning’ — isn’t true, the data from your own company says so. (unless it’s inaccurate?)
  3. Starting a business yourself and building your own dream always pays more than helping someone else build theirs. It’s all about the belief and execution.

Keep that in mind — and oust your local It(doesn’t)Work Promoters.