Landing pages are most widely used pages to promote campaigns. Promoting campaigns mean it is related to marketing system to attract new, unique, loyal and potential customers. This is the emerging way to attract customers to the related product. Landing page strategy is latest online marketing strategy. You may think Landing page looks simple but it has great potential to get new customers to a business that is simply called as lead generation.


Let’s assume that you are doing online business related SEO services. You are providing services through your personal website. It means that you are attracting your customers through your personal website and the bad luck is that you don’t have money to promote your business. Another bad luck is that you don’t have your branded business name.

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The solution is that you are going to use Landing page concept you are going to generate leads in terms of valuable customers and long term customers. Every time the personal website doesn’t work because it doesn’t contain your business name or service title. At the end, you have to promote your services through social medias, other mediums, as well as writing better quality articles. And finally you going to boost your business otherwise, it is impossible.

There are two different ways to create perfect landing pages. We’re going to explain what they are — and why they work:

Lead Generation Method

Use lead generation methods to create perfect landing pages. Because lead generation methods are widely used to collect the customer’s information and so that you can notify them each time with our new product information as well as content details.

We have to be flexible with our customers because if we can’t satisfy them with our product we will lose them for long. It’s very complex process to gain trust again. So making lead generation best for future use will be the most valuable solution for landing pages.

i.e Assume that you have a website related to Comics and every day you are publishing new and amazing articles for your readers. And you got to know that they are bored with your content and you started Giveaway contest for your readers. At the same time, you came to know about MailChimp services which are used to create a perfect landing page.

And your continued Giveaway service to increase leads along with MailChimp. And now for the shake of Giveaway contest, they are going to subscribe you on MailChimp and They going to share giveaway as well. It means that you are getting more leads as well as more traffic. That’s what we call strategy for generating leads as well as creating a perfect landing page.

It will be more interesting if you are providing some coupon codes or discounts for your readers related to web hosting as well as domain registration services. This also can help you to create a perfect landing page.

Call to Action or Click Through Method.

In this, we are going to use Call to Action method. Normally people doesn’t care about the call to action method for creating a perfect landing page. But it is one of the essential methods to make a more effective landing page.

i.e Assume that you have created your popup subscription landing page on your website and you forgot to add the call to action button or text. That’s very bad way of displaying landing page. So some information and force your readers to join your email subscription system. You can also add quotes on your landing page like “If we can’t teach you, No one can”. “You are the valuable customer”.


You may get confused with Click Through Method it is also same as the call to an action method, you just have to tailor your product or services on your landing page and if your readers find anything interesting and useful on that they will click through to learn more about it. It is one of the most effective ways to create a perfect landing page.

The showing landing page on the home page will be more effective. Because the landing page will be triggered while they visit our home page as well as other blog contents.

To create best and suitable landing page there are some steps that everybody has to follow. Without following them it’s not possible to create an awesome, attractive landing page.

Cycles for Creating Landing Page.

These steps will help you to create your best landing page. All of which are designed to help you maximize your return and increase conversions, click through rates and more with a highly effective landing page.

Exclusive Research

Research is the most prominent and basic step because without knowing where your visitors are interacting and what product they are liking the most. Now for the marketing purpose deep down research is one of the essential points. Just know that which group larger and what they are seeking for and then after target those groups for more benefit.

In this, you don’t have to mention you’re all the marketing plan but you have to know who your customers are before investing your money on marketing.


After deep research or analysis here you’re focusing on targeting your customers. If you have already designed your marketing plan through the landing page. It’s time to re-design it for targeted audiences. Just keep in mind that your design must be very simple as well as informative. Just flow information by writing short that will be better. Customers are very curious as well as they don’t want to spend their precious time on reading whole landing page. Just design it short and effective.

Normally people uses half page landing pages to show landing page as well as content. It Is the best way because if they found anything special about your product or content they will subscribe you through landing page. So sometimes customers want proof you can include links on your landing page to interact with them.

Using Pictures

Sharing information by writing an article and sharing information by using graphics both are very different in this marketing system. By writing an article or short note they will get depth view of your plans and products through the landing page. But adding graphics can help them to give quick knowledge about the product. Using picture will be the best way to interact with your customers.

Using images or graphics will also display your popularity and creativity. If you are offering some services to your customer, then showing information through graphics will give them depth idea about your service.

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Maintain & Display Landing Page

It’s the final step and where you have to implement your landing page on the basis of your research. Now just show your landing page to your customers as well as new readers.

If that is good they will give you positive response and they it’s not, they will give you feedback. Just keep track of everything and again maintain it for your customers.

Things to Include for Effective Landing Page.

We have already discussed the deep research for the landing page but here we are going to mention some special elements that can help you for the effective landing page.

Use of Effective Image

Just impress your customer at the first moment via a landing page, add some simplified images and grab all the attention. It will be better to include your slogan to impress them, they may get motivated to use your product or landing page.

Unique Heading

The unique headline is the must. Because without having the name of the person how can you ask him for help or cup of tea? So adding effective and unique heading will be the most effective element. One word can impress them to interact with you.

Here happening is you have impressed your customers through image and now it’s time to deliver some unique point in their mind.

Display some proof

It’s time to show some proofs to your customers. Telling them it’s the best product for them. Like, imagine that recently Hollywood movie released.

You wanted to watch that movie but you are confused? Because you don’t know how is that movie? Now especially you will check reviews about that movie and you will decide. So adding reviews or interview on the landing page can help you to generate more leads.

Calls to Action

Ask them to do a certain task to win some kind of giveaway or that product coupon. Calls to action method will help your customers to do activities on your landing page if you have added any action methods. Like sign up button will be the best example for the call to action. (you’ll see below an example of Instapage — they do a great job at this)

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Wrapping it up

A creating landing page is not an easy task for online business as well as the company. Because it is the best way of marketing. To use this marketing method you have to focus on all the above steps as well as elements. If not, then you will lose all of your money on defective marketing system.

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