Socialism Makes You Selfish.

I recall watching countless Facebook friends debating back and forth over the comment section of some random video claiming socialism in America could work. It just needs some work.

I remember seeing all these people trying to make arguments towards why they believed socialism; albeit ‘democratic’ socialism could work.

It was an entertaining time to say the least — as someone who stared and operates multiple businesses — socialism seemed like something that didn’t sit right…

But; instead of voicing my opinion through the comments section of Facebook posts and YouTube videos — I instead did a little bit of research on what this ‘democratic socialism’ was all about.

(I’ll save you the time if you’re going to do the research on your own — though I still encourage that you do) — but it’s exactly the same as good ol’ fashion socialism.

While I now understand where I sit on the political spectrum (unlike genders) where one can identify either or poles… I found myself in a battle between wanting others to do well — and making sure that I give myself that same opportunity in the process.

With socialism — only one was possible.

With socialism you can only want others to do well — while suffering with them by your side.

It quickly became apparent that with socialism — or the non-differentiating alternative — democratic socialism; you are only entitled to one thing… suffering together.

With Capitalism; success is bred by an array of ways — but most usually is bred from competition. With competition; the end-user always benefits.

The US Postal Service is a great example of a socialist-styled program.

And one can only look back with sour memories of what it used to be like when someone shipped you something.

There were incredibly slow shipping times — no possible way of tracking things.. it was an absolute mess.

… and then something happened.

FedEx came into the picture and created competition. Competition that — regardless of your feelings; dramatically improved the US Postal Service by way of pressure.

If the US Postal Service continued to operate the way it did back then — with FedEx unable to come into play… we’d still be dealing with 14–90 day shipping lengths just to get that DVD from Netflix.

… Well; in a socialist system — Netflix wouldn’t even be there for us to wait on. In fact; 100% of all companies we use and love today would not be here. The computer I write this on — the phones we use and more.

Here’s an interesting video I found — and I think it can shed some much needed light on the matter:

While it may sound good on paper — wanting your fellow citizens to be on the same playing field — it limits our potential and makes us selfish.

The fact of the matter is this — the majority of those pushing for this same-thing new-look socialism are those who tend to not contribute to society as it is.

It’s just the way it is.

We can understand and come to know this as true by those who support this joke of a system.

I’m willing to bet that you cannot find a single business owner — who started a business from scratch — hired a team — took risk — made the initial investment to even start a business; who supports socialism.

… and if you do; I’m willing to bet they’re not successful business owners.

Because socialism simply doesn’t work.

Here’s another pretty useful video — if you can mind the rather rapid-paced format:

I’m always open to debate on why socialism isn’t faulty — why democratic socialism is still socialism — or anything else.

Leave a comment below — share with someone to start a conversation. There is no growth in comfort.