There’s been a longstanding myth in the minds of all Kindle Publishers — “… formatting our books doesn’t have to be this difficult and complicated!” — and for years now many have believed this myth to be nothing more than, well a myth. Fortunately for you, that’s not true anymore!

From time to time here at BrandBlast (… and by that I mean all the time) we’re searching for new and improved ways of getting a required end-result. That might be more revenue generation, higher click-through rates and so on. This case was getting the most out of Kindle Publishing (while also clearing out some of the thousands of PDFs we have around the offices.)

And what we came up with was this:

  • We all want to get things done quickly
  • We ALL want to make a little more out of the books we publish (regardless of how much you’re making as it is)
  • and We all need to get it done yesterday.

And it was this that helped us come up with our newest release — ‘PDF to Kindle Conversion’ — a detailed guide to walk you along the path of quickly converting your PDF Files into Kindle Books — then converting those Kindle Books into Cold, Hard Cash.

We’ve compiled this guide to show you that converting your old PDF files into Kindle Books isn’t nearly as hard as you think. If you’re looking for a solve-all piece of software; this isn’t for you. This is a COLLECTION of different resources all at your disposal right now. Literally; within moments of picking up your copy; you’ll be able to begin utilizing the great tactics within. And best part of all; every resource inside this book; is absolutely, 100% Free.

So what are you waiting for? Pick up your copy now! Get it on Amazon Now!

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