I recall watching countless Facebook friends debating back and forth over the comment section of some random video claiming socialism in America could work. It just needs some work.

I remember seeing all these people trying to make arguments towards why they believed socialism; albeit ‘democratic’ socialism could work.


How does the mainstream media works in America — An inside look

Recently, many Democratic and Socialist friends of mine have commented on how the media provides Donald Trump unfair amounts of coverage while Bernie Sanders’ mentions, even in the last leg of his race, didn’t come close. I couldn’t…

I’m sure you’ve probably seen those annoying posts about ‘a magic wrap that helps you lose weight in 45 minutes’ — a combination of overpriced Saran Wrap and ‘natural’ ingredients designed to help make even the laziest person skinny; without the effort.

… Sounds pretty good, right?

With the research…

Logan Russell

CEO — Author — Conservative

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