Book of ideas Volume 2 by Radim Malinic

The book I had been waiting for after reading the first Book of Ideas that blew me away! which we also reviewed. I was really looking forward to receiving the second coming in vol 2, We had this on pre-order and received it before release giving us time to read and review it. The book was released yesterday on 7th September at a launch event in London and like the first book again I am blown away!

We would also like to thank Radim for signing our copy and including us in the Acknowledgments section which is great to have our name in the book that’s super

Book of ideas — vol.2 continues what designer and creative director Radim Malinic started in the first edition, offering yet more indispensable advice on making it in the creative industry. The chapters cover issues ranging from creativity for good, how to decode our own creative DNA, embracing limitations, using humour and how to entertain the “right wrongs”. It discusses how to improve design work through more skillful use of language, and in doing so, how to stir the right reactions and present well-rounded creative projects with confidence.

Among the ‘ideas’ and the work illustrating them, Book of ideas — vol.2 offers holistic guidance on better understanding yourself as a creative and how to approach your life and work in a mindful, smart way to make you a better designer, creator, and thinker, at any point in your career.

Like the first book of Ideas, it has a great colourful design that draws you in from first glance, The Journal of creative direction and graphic design is just beautiful to the eye with every page as colorful if not more colourful as the last!

May sound a little weird but the book has a nice fresh paint smell to it, and if you’re like me when you receive a new book that smell just makes you want to read it even more. The first book still had that new fresh smell to it like an expensive aftershave it just stays there!

Following on from the original Book of Ideas released in 2016 and #1 Amazon bestseller in the Graphic Arts, the latest book is taking the experiences from the previous volume, expands on his advice, and also incorporates case studies detailing the process of his work.

“The book won’t teach you how to design, but it should show you how you can be a better and more thoughtful designer, thinker, and creator. “ Malinic says. The book does a great job at this as there are lots of graphic design books out there that show you how to do things or try! that just don’t do anyhting for us as designers and Book of Ideas both the original and vol 2 does something much more it’s like a creative book of wisdom with insights into how we can improve as designers and as a person and our approach to our work as this is the golden nugget with this book. The book also has a two page spread of logos for our logo fans out there!

The book was created in partnership with Adobe Stock and Malinic used Adobe Stock and Adobe Creative Cloud to create the cover artwork. The book includes a case study on the process that he followed. Adobe Stock has curated a collection containing the original assets used to create the cover to help creative enthusiasts follow along.

Book of ideas — Volume 2 by Radim Malinic

“The prevalent underlying theme is staying in the present moment, focusing on what you need to do. Only by doing so you will be able to find the true excitement in what you do and make.” Radim Malinic.

Below is a short video flick through of the book, to give you a little more insights into the book.

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