What Makes a Good Logo? — Tips on Creating a Striking Logo Design

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Creating a good logo isn’t as easy as it seems and often goes beyond putting a brand name inside a box. The company logo is the first thing customers see: it can influence the perception of the people who discover the brand, the decisions a client makes before purchasing and even the attitude a customer has towards a product. Join us in this article as we discuss What Makes a Good Logo? — Tips on Creating a Striking Logo Design.

What is a good logo? First of all, a good logo must be a recognizable and inspire emotions : trust, admiration, loyalty and excellence.

A logo must also be practical: it must work in both small and large formats, in black and white and color… It must also be adaptable in a great variety of media. A good logo has the power of inspiring and helping to boost a company’s success story.

What’s the trick to create a perfect logo? Is there a formula that helps designing them? Should it have a hidden message or a deeper meaning?

Here are 5 important qualities to keep in mind to create a timeless and memorable logo.

How can we recognize a good logo?

1. It’s simplicity

Keeping things simple is always a good thing. Simplicity ensures the logo will remain timeless, which represents the ultimate goal in designing a logo. Forget fads and overcomplicated fonts…

A logo must have a little something unique without becoming too complex either. A logo becomes easily recognizable thanks to its simplicity.

A logo must also be easily used in many different contexts without losing its effectiveness or readability: reading it should be as easy in a small format on a business card as plastered on a sign with larger letters… which couldn’t make it any clearer that simple is what works!

London Underground Logo Design
London Underground Logo Design

2. It’s memorable

Your logo must help your visitors or clients remember that you exist, but it must also embody what you stand for so that your message, product or service is more easily associated with it.

Think about Nike, McDonald’s or Apple: their logos are memorable and unique enough to be easily recognizable.

McDonalds Logo Design
McDonalds Logo Design

3. It’s timelessness

What many entrepreneurs seek out to do is to design a brand logo that will stand the test of time. Will your logo still be effective in 10 years or more?

Look at Coca Cola’s logo, which has barely changed since 1886.

Coca-Cola Logo Design
Coca-Cola Logo Design

4. It’s versatility

A logo must enable you to put forward your project or brand in different lights as time passes by.

Versatility also means that you can use your logo online as well as on a printed medium with the same readability, no matter its size. That’s why you should use vector graphic files as they can be easily be resized to the ideal format without any changes in resolution.

A tip to create a versatile logo: start designing it in black and white. That’ll help you focus on its concept and design rather than on its color, which is a subjective matter.

Fedex Logo Design
Fedex Logo Design

5. It strikes its target

How can a brand, company or website exist without a story? You want to connect deeply with your visitors or clients by telling them your story… If you want your logo to tell that story and be understood by your audience, you must first understand your target thoroughly. Study your audience: that’ll often inspire you to use a particular font, color or make certain graphic choices.

The best logos — for example, Nike’s swoosh — are as impactful when they’re displayed in greyscale, in black and white or when using inverse printing. They work well in all sizes whether you see them on postcards, brochures, leaflets or billboards.

Nike Logo Design
Nike Logo Design

Creating a logo Design

Now that you have a general idea of what makes for a good logo design, it’s time to get to work! There are many different ways to create a logo depending on your time, your expectations and your budget.

Before starting, take some time to analyze what kind of logos your competitors have. It’s important to conduct a design research before kicking things off and seeing what’s around.

Remember, colors are important, so choose wisely. The shape and composition is also crucial, keep in mind that you will be using your logo on many different media types like printed products, your website, merchandising, etc… This is why you need a versatile design that you can adapt to any form or shape.

Make sure that you obtain vector files of your logo. You will need them if you need to make adjustments to your logo. Vector files are also indispensable when printing large printed products. Printers will usually ask for a EPS or AI format.

We hope this article about What Makes a Good Logo? — Tips on Creating a Striking Logo Design has been helpful. If your looking to learn Logo Design checkout LogoCore Online Master Class, Learn online at your own pace within the comfort of your own home.

Learn Logo Design Online - Logo Design Master Class
Learn Logo Design Online - Logo Design Master Class

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