Children in foster care are in dire need of the community’s support.

The Look of Love is reaching out for help in providing a crucial service for children in need.

Over the years, it has been widely known that children within the foster care system are often neglected in regards to their hair and personal care needs, especially children who contend with difficult to manage hair textures.

In a number cases, these children suffer through the humiliation of not having anyone touch or comb their hair for long periods of time. And in some cases, the children’s hair becomes so matted and caked together, that the only option, to some, is to cut it off and start over.

As a result, many children become depressed, develop negative behaviors, and simply despise their own self-image.

Living in our world, we are constantly reminded of the importance of appearance, and the impact that appearance plays on a person’s self-esteem, how others judge us, and our opportunities to excel.

Because many of these children already come from broken and abusive homes, their spirits are already wounded. That is why it is so crucial that our organization, The Look of Love, partners with members of our community like you to help bring much needed support and services to vulnerable children in foster care.

While working for a children’s services agency a couple of years ago, I reached out to officials of the agency to see what could be done to address this crisis. In short, there was no solution on their part, so I set out to start my own nonprofit organization, The Look of Love.

The Look of Love may be the first and only nonprofit organization in the entire United States that specializes in providing free, ongoing, multicultural haircare, salon services and consultations for abused and neglected children in the foster care system, and homeless youth in search of employment.

However, it is only through the support of individuals and businesses that our efforts to provide free haircare will be successful.

Currently, as the organization’s founder, I hold two jobs to make this effort work for the children, but my resources are extremely limited, and I am only able to pay for haircare to cover a handful of the hundreds of children in dire need.

In our efforts to support the needs of this population of vulnerable children, we have applied for grants and reached out to various companies and individuals for support and sponsorship opportunities, but because many simply don’t understand the struggle that hair can present to children who may not have anyone to guide them, they don’t get the need, and they have not supported the cause.

So as an exhortation to a concerned community, let us come together to make this right for the children!

Here’s How You Can Help!

  • Make a donation! Donations made to The Look of Love, an affiliate of Mission Create 501(c)(3), are considered by the IRS as charitable contributions.
  • Fundraise with us by creating your very own support page for The Look of Love and inviting your friends, family, co-workers, or anyone in your religious or social groups to support this great cause! To create a fundraiser, please visit our Funraise page.
  • Are you the owner, manager, or licensed staff of a barbershop, beauty salon, or beauty school? Then help provide free or reduced cost haircare services for foster children TODAY!!

To join the cause and help children and youth in need, please send your contact information to The Look of Love or give us a call at 866–909–6066 x 100.

You may also visit us online or on Facebook.

The Look of Love is a nonprofit Affiliate of Mission Create (DBA Mission Accomplish), a 501(c)(3) which was established in 2012.

Niya Parks (The Look of Love)

Written by

For more information about The Look of Love and to make a tax deductible contribution, please visit

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