Why are you so nasty to people that were good enough to read and engage with your article.
Elliott Ridenour

Do you sincerely think I even remotely have the option to be “afraid” of cis people and their opinions? Do you really not think that the vast majority of the world I work in and live in is dominated by cis people?

If I didn’t accept debate, I would just block people and not respond to them.

I’m more than happy to accept debate. But I will not accept or tolerate cis people coming to me and telling me what is good for me as a non-binary person.

Nor will I be happy when a cis person tells me that trans women experience more violence because men are more violent, therefore basically calling trans women men. That’s not “debate”. That transmisogyny and I won’t tolerate it.

And considering as I AM actually a trans person, I DO know more than cis people about my OWN issues. I AM an authority.

If we were talking about ice fishing and I was an ice fisher and you had just watched a film about ice fishing, you would realise that I, as an ice fisher, have more experience despite however many movies you’ve watched. And yet, when it comes to the issue of transgender experience, lives, and rights, I’m supposed to sit here and believe and take that cis people, ESPECIALLY ones who fully admit they know little about “LGBT things”, are an authority on my experience or have any basis for which to tell me about what is good for me and the communities I’m in?


I am more of an authority on trans issues as a trans person than a random cis person. And until cis people can understand and respect and listen to trans people when it comes to THEIR OWN lives and stories, don’t be surprised when you get snarked at.

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