I’m just kind of going through a questioning stage, just kinda trying anything that might fit.
Wiyacu YIM

I would encourage you to think about what ‘androgyny’ really means and is within this society because IMO at least, it’s just another gender role. There isn’t anything inherently genderless about androgyny and in fact, it might be impossible to be seen as ‘genderless’ in this society.

That doesn’t mean you aren’t genderless yourself however. I think because of the performative nature of gender and the way capitalism encourages people to buy things to perform their genders in very specific classed and racial ways, people who are non-binary keep going on that track of thinking they must perform their gender for it to be seen as valid and sometimes get the need to do that even to validate it themselves. But actually, your identity is valid in and of itself. You don’t have to perform or present a certain way for it to be valid. And unfortunately it seems in this society there is no ‘performance’ which results in people respecting and acknowledging a non-binary identity. But that is the fault of this culture, not of your identity.

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