I like this and it makes me wonder what strategies I can come up with to treat the disease of fear.
Heath Ray Hayden

My suggestion? Stop treating fear as if it’s a disease.

When it comes to fear, Captain Janeway said it best:

I’ve known fear. It’s a very healthy thing, most of the time. You warn us of danger, remind us of our limits, protect us from carelessness. I’ve learned to trust fear… You know as well as I do that fear only exists for one purpose: to be conquered.

I think the best way to cope with fear is to accept you have it, accept it as an inevitability of experience, accept it as part of life and part of yourself. When you do that, it’s much easier to cope with it. If you see it as something that’s not a part of you, you’ll be busy trying to destroy part of yourself to purge it from you.

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