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No. Body types are not always a choice. They are sometimes genetic, sometimes due to disability, sometimes due to life circumstances. And bodies do not have to be changeable and malleable to be beautiful. And beauty itself is not always the most important quality in a person.

Personally, I see my body as something temporary. I’m not ashamed or sad that it’s not an easy vessel to change. It is what it is. It gets me from point A to point B, and it’s not the summation of my being or who I am.

I don’t think you really understand what “body shaming” is. To assume that everyone can change their body to assert that I’m calling people “lazy” who can’t do so is far more harmful than allowing people to live and let live. I want people to, instead of blaming themselves for not being able to change their bodies, to embrace themselves for who they are regardless.

But, the fact that you seem to have misread what I wrote so wildly seems to suggest more about the way you think than the way I think. If you really think that being a different body type is a choice, then I feel sorry for your attitude because I don’t believe it can lead to anything healthy. Good luck with that.

Edit: And to address your response that I’ve “internalised the patriarchy”, again it doesn’t really seem like you understand what body shaming means and is, nor what patriarchy means. No structure of power is going to want me to accept my body for what it is. Corporations make millions by making people think they’re inadequate and need “self-improvement”. If anything, accepting one’s body goes against power structures currently in place.

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