I want to state, for the record, that the issue wasn’t solely about POC or anything.
Michon Neal

That’s the thing. I didn’t begin to do anything but see if others were actually interested in the project. Maybe it was a fault in my communication, but no one said plainly to me, “Someone is already doing exactly this. Talk to X about it”. Many people said sort of similar things were happening, but nothing specifically was about creating a book meant for individuals brand new to non-monogamy/poly to read.

Even still at the end of the discussion/argument/haranguing I found myself too nervous to even blatantly ask because I was *still* confused about what to do with my list of contributors and what to support and I was worried asking again would just invite more kicking.

But if you’d like to point me to the direction of someone doing exactly the idea I had, again, I will say, I’m glad to pass along the contributor list and offer my support. But no one has yet to specifically tell me who is doing it and how I can pass along information.

I honestly didn’t see a point in tagging you or asking for your help. I had repeatedly apologised to you and was confused by your responses to me. I assumed you had read through what the individual had done and had had no problem with the way they had treated me.

While I appreciate the thread may have educated a lot of people, I’m not required to be a sacrificial lamb for anybody or to display what I felt was bullying, crappy behaviour towards me so other people can learn. There are plenty of ways for people to learn. I don’t have to be cut apart by someone else for the benefit of a lesson.

And I refuse to be.

I asked in the thread, many many many times, if a project as the one I was describing was already happening. I offered, many many MANY times to give what little “work” I had done in gathering contributors, completely to any new project.

So I’ll ask once again. If there is a project like this already happening, please kindly direct me to it. Or tell me plainly if it is you that want my contributor list. I’ll gladly give it over.

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