The London Assembly crunched the numbers on the Mayor’s priorities. Here are the results.

London Assembly
Sep 6 · 4 min read

The London Assembly has analysed what the Mayor has prioritised since his election in May 2016. The research explores three areas, including funding, policy and actions as set out in his Strategies, Action and Implementation Plans. The main aim of the funding element was to specifically look at the Mayor’s Directly Allocated Capital Expenditure as set out in his Strategies. See the methodology here>>

We wanted to know:
◾ Which London boroughs receive the most funding?
◾ What policy areas receive the most funding?
◾ How many policies have actions?
◾ How many of the Mayor’s actions are measurable?
◾ How many of the actions are to be completed before, and how many after, the Mayor’s next election?

Here’s what we found:

⭕ Newham is the borough that receives the largest amount of funding.

Newham receives the largest amount, at £2.12 billion; this is followed by the City of London, receiving £1.33 billion. Sutton receives the smallest share, at £16 million, followed by Barnet which receives £37 million.

Directly Allocated Capital Expenditure by borough. Source

⭕ The policy area that receives the most funding is Transport.

72.8% of funding is allocated to Transport, such as TfL’s trains and buses. The policy areas that received the smallest share of funding are Equality, with 0.04% and Communities with 0.06%. Those policy areas support programmes like Digital Talent and the Community Sport Investment Programme.

Directly Allocated Capital Expenditure by policy area. Source

Because transport projects represent by far the greatest share of total funding in most boroughs, we also mapped funding by borough without funding for transport. (Newham is still the borough with the highest funding even without considering transport.) See those figures here>>

⭕ The Mayor set out 1,932 actions.

The purpose of examining these actions was to better understand the Mayor’s priorities and commitments made since taking office. The Mayor set out 1,932 actions, and the largest number are focused on the Policing and Crime policy area, at 270. Policing and Crime actions include improving the police response to hate crime and producing a cyber security strategy. This is followed by 252 on Transport, and 240 on Equality. The policy area with the fewest actions is Sport.

Actions by policy area. Source

⭕ 66% of the Mayor’s actions are not measurable.

When it comes to being specific, timebound, and tangible, 34% of the actions examined are what we’ve defined as measurable and 66% are not measurable. See our methodology here>>

Number of actions defined as measurable or not measurable. Source

Policing and Crime has the largest number of actions and the highest portion of actions that are not measurable, at 84%. Sport has the highest proportion of actions that are measurable with 75%, though it is the area with the fewest actions. Notably, none of the actions set in the Fire and Resilience policy area are measurable.

Actions defined as measurable by policy area. Source

53% of the Mayor’s actions are to be completed in this mayoralty.

We found that 53% of the Mayor’s actions are to be completed in this mayoralty, and 18% of the Mayor’s actions have a date that surpasses this current mayoralty. 28% do not have a date for completion. (Due to rounding, figures do not always add to 100%. See our methodology here>>

Timeframe for completion of action. Source

Our research also sought to understand who the actions were to be delivered by, providing a comparison between those which were solely the responsibility of the Mayor to deliver, and those where responsibility is shared. We found that 76% of the actions are proposed to be delivered by the Greater London Authority (GLA) Group, 23% by the GLA and partners, and 1% of the Mayor’s actions are to be delivered by partners alone. Have a look at the breakdown of actions delivered by the Mayor that are measurable through timeframe and delivering body:

Actions delivered by the Mayor that are measurable through timeframe and delivering body. Source

London Assembly

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The London Assembly holds Mayor Sadiq Khan to account and investigates issues that matter to Londoners.

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