Perspective of the Day — Like It or Not, You Need To Be CEO

WHAT YOU FEEL: you should be running the company but you feel like it’s running you

PERSPECTIVE: There will be plenty of times that you will have the debate, with yourself and others, on whether you are qualified or even want to be the CEO of the company. Whether you want to be or will ultimately be the CEO, in the entrepreneurial stages of a company, you must be the CEO. This means you must do many things including:

Set the priorities of the company

Align the organization to those priorities

Ensure that the company is properly funded

Inspire people to stick to the vision

Clearly communicate with the various constituents of the company

And more. You need to be CEO without any formal training. It is the ultimate baptism by fire. Being the CEO of an established company is hard enough. Being the CEO of a developing one is even harder. Add to this the pressures of the business and it is a daunting task. We can’t expect to learn the skills of a CEO when it takes most a lifetime. None of that matters — when you are the leader and you need to guide the company.

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