Perspective of the Day — You Are Lucky!

WHAT YOU FEEL: on most days you are excited about what you are doing and on others you want to run and hide

PERSPECTIVE: if you have chosen to be entrepreneur, you are lucky. You may not feel lucky right now staring at all the things on your plate, but you are. About 80 percent of people — when they are asked what they wish they could be doing professionally, say they wish “they could work at something they really cared about. How many times have you sat in a meeting at work and said to yourself, “I wish I was working on …..”.

When people daydream during the meeting at work, do you think they daydream about more rigorous budget management or execution of the marketing plan? Or do they daydream about the day they open their own store, or make their own jewelry, or sign their first client, or cater their first party or launch their first app.

Last year, over 331,000 businesses were started each month. Over 70 percent of those new businesses that are started in the United States are started by someone that had a job when they started it.

You have made a conscious choice. A choice to pursue something that is important to you. A choice to spend the time you used to spend at “work” on something that you really care about. Remember you are going to spend about half of your day at “work”. Imaging spending half of your time on something — anything — that was not compelling to you. You can always go back to “that.”

Being an entrepreneur is gift. Genuinely being thankful to have the opportunity to help customers succeed, employees be fulfilled, and investors make money is one of the greatest gifts of an entrepreneurial venture. In addition, embracing the learning and the opportunity for personal and professional growth is a true blessing. After all, baptism by fire still results in a baptism.

You should feel lucky that you have chosen to be an entrepreneur.

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