Hi! My name is Eduardo Herrera, I’m a 18 years-old student of Translation and Interpretation. I’m Interpreter for Praying Pelican Missions, which is an Organization who helps Mission Groups to travel to different countries and serve in poor communities. PPM has totally changed my life, and through them, God gave me a purpose. I will talk to you about this in the following posts.

Photo: Liz Hicks

So, You might be wondering “What is the purpose of this blog?” I have always wanted to have a space where I could write my thoughts and vision of life and share my photographies, and I think I have found the right place to do it. I named this blog “The Long Journey” because we all have a daily journey probably School, Work or Traveling; where we have good and bad days but, nobody has said that life is easy. In the following posts I want to share more about myself, my struggles, fears, how I face them and also share about my faith.

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