New Beginning

These past months have been a mix of craziness and surprises for me, I’ve been going to psychological therapy because of anxiety problems and honestly it has helped a lot, and also the company of true friends who have been helping the get through this. For me, that was the start of a new beginning in my life. I decided to get back on skateboarding, working out and also started classes to learn my third language, Portuguese!

Life is full of endings for example in a relationship, in a friendship, in a stage of life just like High School or College, etc. But what about beginnings? Life gives us many chances to start new things, to step up and live a better life not caring what we did in the past because that’s the purpose of a new beginning, never looking back. Throughout this time I realized that within me there’s the strength to defeat any obstacle in my life, that there are real and good friends out there willing to help and also that my anxiety has been lying to me for a really long time!

When a new beginning starts, you want to try to do new stuff, you start feeling good vibes around you and you do not let people or inner voices tell you that you cannot do it, because you do know that you can do it, but sadly people who you thought were going to stay forever just walk away without saying goodbye and honestly. That was my case, one person who had played a key role in my life just left, but God put good friends in my path whom I can count with (shoutout fellas).

Despite of the dark times, there’s always a light at the end of the tunnel and in your hands you have the decision to change it or keeping being drowned by problems. The moment you decide to change your atittude is the key to start a new beginning, that’s the moment when God comes over and shows you that He’s been always behind supporting you and working everything for good.

Now, I’m feeling better, sometimes I still hear voices inside my head but I know that they’re just voices, that I got the strength and power to put them aside and continue with my life, living to the fullest, feeling myself and being wild and free.

It’s a new dawn
It’s a new day, it’s a new life for me
And I’m feeling good…
  • Feeling Good by Nina Simone