Summer Vibes

After many days struggling with anxiety attacks and the feeling that I suck at everything a short trip came to rescue me (thank you God). Honestly, I’m not a beach fan, I’m not fan of being sweaty but this trip was amazing.

My journey started at 7am when my mom knocked and with a sweet voice said Hurry up, I said that at 6:30 you were supposed to be up (Jesus, help). After an intense battle with my bed I was up and ready for the quickest shower and breakfast ever, after that I was ready to go. Throughout the road I heard the different conversation that two mature women might have: how I met my husband, cooking recipes, few gossips, etc, etc, etc. That was the right time to cuddle on my seat and take a nap. When I woke up, the weather was different I was sweating like crazy, there were palms everywhere and also models advertising different alcoholic drinks (some of them were beautiful and some of them mhmmm let’s say they were just late when God distributed beauty) we were getting closer to our destination!

When we finally arrive, the house was awesome: two pools, a big living room and in the backyard we had the beach! So, I hurried up to change my clothes and jump to the pool, afterward me and two new friends walked to the beach after convincing my mom that I wasn’t gonna swim in the sea (she has fear of the sea), when we finally made it to the shore and I witnessed the power of the sea, so amazing.

At night the grill was soooo delicious, everybody was at the pool having a good time. My mom’s bestfriend persuaded me to ask out her daughter’s bestfriend saying that She’s such a nice and smart girl who studies Psychology at College and is so respectful with her parents; I just laughed of it and continued having a good time (I’m still loyal to you my dear crush wherever you are ❤). The funny thing of this is that the girl my mom’s bestfriend talked me about was sooooo drunk that she couldn’t stand on her own feet and was saying weird things to people.

Later on at the living room, my new friends were having the funniest conversation ever which obviously I should be part of it. After tons of jokes it was the time to go to the bed, to gain some energy to continue having fun the next day. The sun was up as everybody at the house and we were ready to go to beach for the last time, sadly my mom’s bestfriend sandals were stolen by the sea and my camera was hit by a wave and I just hope that is resting in peace until I figure out how to fix it.

After a delicious lunch it was time to say bye to my friends and the beach, our way back home was the longest because of traffic, after 4 hours I made it to home with my crocs full of sand, a farmer-tan which let me tell you is on fleek, new friends, photos and memories. At the end I realized that the beach is not bad at all.

Most of the beaches located in the south of Guatemala are of volcanic sand, that’s why the sand looks brown-ish.
Yes, I’m too skinny.