The Verdict America’s About to Deliver On Itself
umair haque

As an American, born and raised in the U.S.A., I have never been taught that most of the world is like North Korea or Iran. As I continue reading this essay I see what I consider false premise after false premise being portrayed as fact. Mr. Haque has a knack for creating narratives and positioning them as common knowledge or commonly accepted explanations when, in reality, they are just his own imaginations based on his perception of the subject matter.

Strawmanesque in its architecture.

That doesn’t mean his entire essay is false per se, but it’s so full of conjecture and opinion that it’s hard to agree with any of his conclusions.

The loose use of the word democracy is another problem. The U.S. is a representative republic using democratic processes to select representatives who, by way of majority vote, finalize decisions. However, we are not a pure democracy. A “pure democracy,” explained James Madison, “can admit of no cure for the mischiefs of [political] faction.” But a republic, he continued, “by which I mean a government in which the scheme of representation takes place, . . . promises the cure for which we are seeking.” The Framers believed that cooler heads would prevail if the people’s impulses were funneled through elected representatives in government. Otherwise all you have is mob rule which always tramples the minority.

To suggest post war Western Europe is the model that reached the highest bar of “non-violent” prosperity is to completely ignore what the United States had already done prior to WWII and the fact that without the US, most of Western Europe would likely speak German as a primary language today.

It seems Mr. Haque has dealt with some hurtful, perhaps even physically harmful events in his life that have formed a very jaded and angry perspective of what America is and stands for. That’s unfortunate if that is the case, but it’s hardly the indictment on 350 million people, the constitution, the founders, and the ideals the majority of this country’s citizens still believe in that Mr. Haque consistently proclaims in his essays.

There is an abundance of evidence to suggest America is still the pinnacle of the ideal Mr. Haque appears to seek.