Marriage is the Hefty Bag You’ll Use to Bury Your Heart in the Woods

This is what happens when your life is centered around “getting laid”, shallow relationships, and indulging in pure unadulterated selfishness.

I’ve been married for over 30 years to the same woman I romanced for four before she said yes. Has it been all butterflies and moonbeams and fairy tales? Hell no! But I can’t even comprehend the void in my life if she wasn’t in it.

Four children and now three grandchildren have brought far more joy to my heart than blood, sweat, or tears over the years. In my experience, no greater joy can come to our hearts than that which comes from family.

But as they say, “perception is reality”, and it saddens me that someone’s perception of the institution of marriage would be so jaded, pessimistic, and acrid.

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