5 Ways to be a Silent Trump Protestor
Patti Mulligan

Wow. Assumptions reign supreme.

You start your article with an assumptive statement so lacking in evidence that it does little more than identify you as someone who doesn’t deal well with disappointment and must therefore find a boogie man to blame. Then you proceed to lump half of the U.S. population into a small and narrow-minded cube of extremism and hate simply because they don’t see the world through your personal lens.

That said, you may be seen as a prophetess or just another panicky millennial doing the Chicken Little routine four years from now. Truth is, we don’t know. I didn’t vote for Trump. I left the GOP in 1998. I consider myself someone who lives at the crossroads of classical liberalism and classical republicanism. Above all I’m a constitutionalist and I saw neither candidate conforming to that document, aka, the law of the land. Hillary flaunts the law, Donald uses it as a billy club.

The two major parties couldn’t have chosen worse candidates had they just set up a huge wall of photos and thrown two darts. Perhaps they would have chosen excellent candidates had they tried it and excluded the photos of anyone currently working in DC.

You lost because your candidate was only slightly more dishonest, slimy, and unlikeable than the Donald and you had no message for the nearly 100 million people no longer actively seeking employment (yes, that’s unemployed even though our official unemployment rate doesn’t include them) or those folks living in “fly over country.” You know, those people you look down on and make jokes about while speaking with a hick accent?

The people you should be protesting, boycotting, or throwing Molotov Cocktails at are your own party leadership for believing dynasties are more attractive to the American voter than true public servants. Why do I feel like I have to define what a public servant is?

The Republicans have been envying Democrativ dominance and trying become like Democrats for so long they forgot this nation is still filled with people who are fiscally conservative and socially conservative, but still believe in helping their fellow Americans who are down on their luck, still believe we must be good stewards of this place we call earth, and still love liberty and an uncompromised free market (classical liberals).

If nothing else this election should be a reminder of that little fact I just shared and rather than throw yourself on the ground kicking and screaming you won’t be a part of it, try stepping outside your political bubble and getting to know those people you’ve labeled so ignorantly and vindictively.

It won’t be easy, but it will be enlightening. It might even lead to a more “united” states again…

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