Barring the technical hurdles to get over, would AR as a computing platform even be useful? What is there to gain by allowing people to compute the world around them? I dunno. But for every category of thing to gain access to computation, the potential applications and connections are exponential.
The Future of Augmented Reality Will Be Boring
Barron Webster

AR as a computing platform could be incredibly useful and adaptable.

Most of the discussion and examples I’ve seen so far focus how AR could be used in gaming, shopping and social applications. However I think it could even greater impact in our working lives.

If an AR application can solve a sudoku puzzle, why couldn’t it – given the appropriate context and constraints – be used to compute the most efficient design for a public space.

Or, if firefighters need to enter a smoke filled building could they see a detailed model of the floor plan and critical infrastructure so they can navigate quickly, at the same time they could be seeing data about the fire’s intensity and locations.

I worked in an enormous warehouse when I was younger, I would have loved to point a device at racks and racks of pallets to quickly identify which lots belonged to who and get current stock levels, then have the optimal position of jobs calculated for me based on the current state of incomings and outgoings

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