Abduction and Recovery in Missing Children Cases

Looking for a missing kid should be first priority for any law enforcement agency. Unfortunately, local authorities are often unable to assist families of missing kids, either due to lack of time, enough resources or limited jurisdiction. Highly effective professional child recovery agencies work tirelessly to fill this void.

With a staff dedicated and experienced operatives and a network of interstate and international contacts, such agencies can work independently or in coordination with other authorities to find and recover missing children.

There are mainly five types of missing children cases –

· Parental abduction

· Kidnapping and ransom

· Runaway children

· Predator abduction

· Unexplained disappearance

Kidnapping for Ransom

Abductors may kidnap children for ransom. Such kidnappers do not pay respect authorities. In such cases, you need professional operatives who understand the kidnapper mindset, can negotiate with them and recover your child unharmed.

These operatives implement advanced negotiation and recovery strategies to locate and safely recover the hostage, without ransom. Professional investigation and recovery agencies are equipped to deal with crisis situations and recovering your child is top priority for them.

Runaway, Unexplained Disappearance and Predator Abduction

Parents who have ever experienced such trauma know what it entails — running back and forth between local authorities, building and losing hope on leads and driven to desperation in the searched for their missing kids.

Private missing children recovery agencies work with families, communities and local law enforcement to discover and follow up on leads in the fastest manner possible. They dedicate their extensive network of contacts and resources to recovery of missing children.

Parent Abduction of a Child

While it may seem surprising to some, parental abduction of children has become very common. And the worst part of it is is that law enforcement does not get involved until elaborate paperwork is signed by judges. During this time, the trail of the missing child grows colder and the abductor often escapes out of the country.

That is why it is recommended that you bring in a private agency as soon as you realize your child is missing, so that they can track the child and the abducting parent before the clues disappear.

Professional agencies dedicated to find missing and abducted children locate, negotiate and recover your missing child. They can send personnel to or have a network across the world.

If you are looking for help to find missing and abducted children, call Child Recovery International today at 845–362–3433 for a free consultation. A global network of resources and experts will immediately start working to find your loved one. Child Recovery International is the leading private sector authority in the search for missing and abducted children for more than 25 years.