Can We Go Back to Us?

29.12.14, a single poem between the nights

I’m missing all the tunes

All the rhymes and the beats

The song we used to hum

Faded as time passed by

Across the street I saw a man

Standing still, head low

Under the dim of a street lamp

Alone, standing still, head low

He has a messy hair

With his worn out shirt

In his renewed jeans

“I’m sorry” is all he said

I am sorry

You said please dance with me

Travel with me

Let’s sail the ocean

But guess what?

We never did

You said dream is us

And us is ours

But guess what?

It’s only words

All you left me here

Was memories

The echoes come back

Filled with laughter

I wonder how we made that sound

When anger are all we have

The moon start falling

The sun starts leaving

Starry sky awaits

Where is us, I ask?

I don’t know how

How to leave this place

This place I used to call home

Now has worned out paints

“I’m sorry” is all you said

It’s not going to fix a thing,

You know?

All you left me here

Was only with memories

Because, what’s meant to be

Isn’t meant to be anymore

it is not for you, anyone, or someone

inspired from a movie called “Begin Again”

PS. Adam, you’re such a sweetie at the end of the movie.