The Lost Bitcoins

The Lost Bitcoins
3 min readMar 11, 2022

A Bitcoin Meta-Cemetery

And NFT Experiment

The Lost Bitcoins: A haunting NFT tribute to the unmoved 1,826,206 Bitcoins

Can you imagine leaving $80,000,000,000 to decay in a wallet? 10,963 bitcoin wallets have remained stagnant for more than a decade, representing a ghastly 1,826,206 BTC left for dead.

The Lost Bitcoins is a tribute to all that lost currency, more than $80 billion entombed, likely forever.

How these bitcoins met their demise is anyone’s guess: lost passwords, dusty dust-bins, or even hard drives tossed into the heaps of a landfill.

While these coins may be lost, they will never be forgotten, and their final resting place will be in the metaverse. Somewhere where we can all pay tribute forever more. But beware… if the tombs are disturbed, spirits have been known to escape…

As you walk through the graveyard, you’ll encounter Satoshi’s Grand Tomb, a towering Taj Mahal structure that looms over the misty grounds, really putting the crypt in crypto.

This is where virtual pilgrimages are made, to pay tribute to the Bitcoin visionary, his palace filled with relics and memes of Bitcoin’s past, present and future

You’ll find the NFT gravestones representing each of the 10,963 OG wallets in the Lost Bitcoins cemetery, representing over 1.8 million BTC.

The chilling NFT collection is multi-tiered, each tier representing a wallet of different size.

  • Tombstones 50–99BTC
  • Obelisks 100–999BTC
  • Mausoleums — 1,000BTC-31,000BTC
  • Satoshis Grand Tomb — 1,124,600BTC

The Curse of the Lost Bitcoin…

Heed this warning: Should any bitcoin be moved or disturbed in these forgotten wallets, the spirits will grow restless…

Legends say that the NFT holder of any disturbed gravesite will be automatically notified by the cryptokeeper to burn their NFT and mint a Bitcoin Ghost NFT.

We may never learn the secrets of the Bitcoin Ghosts NFT, as minting one is extraordinarily rare.

Roadmap: The Graveyard Grows…

There are many secrets lost in the cemetery waiting to be discovered. As the utilities and future are built, the community and ecosystem will grow. Here’s what we’ve unearthed so far…

  • Activate Social Media (March 2022)
  • Launch NFT Collection (May 2022)
  • Build the world’s first Bitcoin Meta Cemetery (August 2022)
  • P2E Game Concept/ LOST Community Token Reveal (Halloween 2022 )
  • IRL Day of the Dead Party (November 2022)

What the Future Holds

Exciting discussions are underway with The Sandbox for land acquisition and development partnerships.

  • We aim to have the world’s first bitcoin meta cemetery built and operational this summer.
  • As the user base grows, we will host events on site and have tours of the grand tomb
  • We are exploring DAO opportunities and are working hard on a tokenomics outline foa a community token to present you all soon.
  • NFT Holders will continue to receive more and more benefits over time including airdrops, allow lists, P2E reward bonuses, no-loss lottery’s and much more!

The Graveyard Calls All!

Whether you’re an OG HODLer, an NFT newbie, or someone in between: the graveyard calls you.

The Lost Bitcoins pays respect to those that believed in magic internet money before it was cool.

Join us as we get ready to break ground and erect headstones.

Together we can accomplish so much, and we look forward to growing the community and utility over the next few years.

Our Time is Running Out…

There is more to discuss as we approach launch, but hopefully this gives those interested a peak inside the immense amount of forethought that has been considered when building this project.

We are not aiming to be “the next Bored Ape” project. We want to move the needle forward, give NFTs utility and have fun for the betterment of the NFT industry as stewards setting an example as to what is achievable when hard work and passion are put above marketing, advertising, and momentum.

Our whitelist is open!

Join our discord.

Once you join the discord, you’ll get up to date information about the mint date.

The price of the mint has been set to 0.09 ETH + gas per gravestone.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us on Twitter.