“Then new beginning”


It took me a while to hit my keyboard again to write, i used to be on blogspot from time to time, but i choose this page for my 365 days challenge. My main goal is to finish the whole year with my random thoughts and my day by day experience and adventure for my daily life. i don’t know what’s gotten me to give this challenge a try but one thing i am sure of , is to aim and finish something that’s worthwhile. something i love, something that i been dreaming of for as long as i remember and something that’s make me happy.

A few people knows me i love writing, i can spend my whole day writing, but the truth is i know in my heart that i am not a good writer, in short i suck in writing, i don’t have the right flow of making stories but i love sharing my thoughts. I love the way i share my feelings and random errands and lil adventures that’s happened to me that day or something that i experience good or bad might it be, even though no one cares. Maybe some of you might don’t understand, but you know when i am in my lowest day, i have this thing to undo and roll back my life from the past, that helps and enlightened me that good thing will come after the storm. That a rainbow will come to make me realize life is beautiful after darkness, something that will whisper to me “everything will be ok” and “go chase your dreams and happiness”.

I want someday i have something to look back when i am messed up, something that makes me feel i have someone who can listen to me no matter how fucked i am up. Call me crazy and weird but i am happy as the way as it is. i been craving to do something like this, but i always end up hanging in a downhill without the urgency to persist what i been started.

So here i am, trying to make my first page be filled with a story that something i am going to look back and say “Congrats Shannon, you did it!

i am going to begin the first page of my 2018,i hope and pray it will give me great year ahead. it’s the time to leave all things we dont need to carry and better leave behind. all the pain, fears,sadness grudges and regrets.

life is beautiful to enjoy, fly with smile and think of joy! Happy new year, and welcome 2018!

XX shannon

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