For the sake of love

He did every possible tasks,

To stay in love.

Man with more self integrity in the lot,

Forget himself for the sake of love.

His mistake was may be he’s a man,

Sometimes I wonder why to generalise.

Now he doesn’t know where he stand,

But things make him realise.

Love is all that he had choose,

Now he has nothing to loose.

In this ruthless world,

Being kind and over emotional is a sin.

Compassion is the solution, I know;

But for survival you can be brave and hard.

Never love someone,

More than they deserve.

It’s completely alright,

To love yourself and the believe that you do.

- The Lostman

Hey life !

Hey life let me know,

What you got, what you missed?

Now breath for yourself please,

All hearts are in trouble.

Things are so unaccomplished,

Yet you see alot;

The dreams are like diamonds in eyes,

And the eyes are getting tired.

Attachment towards life is puzzled,

It may ruin your peace and nous.

Hold on your emotions around,

Keep all that are coming your way.

Try distant memories and people,

See if they remember you.

Keep it in your heart only,

Don’t remember if they delude.

There is more in the life,

Never seen a life that speaks;

A heart always makes noises for life,

Life consider heart a extrinsic.

Try not to worry; mornings are usually better,

You never know where future drives you to.

O heart! Don’t get incite over things,

This is not the absolute and end.

– The Lostman

String of Life

We all came a long way,

Now thinking about the future.

Blinking the wet eyes,

Wanting to make it more bright.

The one who respect others,

Is being disrespected several times.

Despite of that,

Keep respecting as they did.

The one who failed in love,

Is more lovable than anyone else.

Alas! They missed,

Everyone out there are not same.

The one who thinks life could be better,

Having no idea what god gifted them with.

Still pray that,

They are suppose to live longer.

The one who’s very cheerful today,

Is too had some ungrateful moments.

And didn’t stop,

Until they got their final drifts.

We all have a handful of opportunities.

In a garden pick the most beautiful flower.

No one is responsible for your happiness,

Let’s disappear and find the glitter.

– The Lostman

O baby ! Can’t you see?

Every segment of my body knows,

How much you mean to me.

Every blink of my eyes shows,

How much I want to be.

O baby ! Can’t you see?

I want you once and for all,

Every day I need you more and…


The days he still remember

She smiled on his first glimpse,

Touching his hand; found him alive

Rolling her fingers crossed the face,

Again and again, was it a reality check?

Tried her hand to make him comfortable,

Put her hand under the neck.

When she call his name;


A Wahid Barbhuiүa

Law Student, Dreamer, Entertainer.

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