Bottle #37

Michael came into the room, looked at the bottles and, pointing at them, asked me: “Are you the artist?”


“What is your idea?”

“What do you see?”

“I see life. I see lives, suspended. All by themselves, but all connected”

I picked up on his words and we started talking about art, creativity. He believes we are all artists in a way, of our lives. He gives motivation calls and he showed me one he thought was related to my project.

We talked a lot about what would be essential for him once the survival is met. He said: “What do you need more than yourself?”

Later on in the conversation, he came to the point he would have granted me, if he could have, of independence and freedom.

I took his answer as a gift, and gave him a bottle.

When I asked him what pushed him to start a conversation with me, which is I believe the first step of participating, he told me he felt connected with the image I created. He thought it was at the same time powerful and meaningful to him.

Thanks Michael!

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