Bottle #38

It is the third evening Annie is popping by after work. I have this image of the Little Prince and the fox… She knows where to find me, and day after day, I am starting to think about her presence when the evening comes.

Today she came with cushions and blankets. She likes the social aspect of the project and I think she feels good to sit down and talk. She is bringing some improvement and extensions to the sitting area.

She also brought delicious, nutritious and natural treats!!!

We sat down, share some food and started to chat.

We talked about the shift of the project since I met the basic survival. Now that I know I will be sorted for most of the nights, now that I have food, clean clothes and hygiene staples, the questions changed a bit. She started wondering…

“ My life could easily be like yours. I have a place to stay at night, food, but what is next? I believe it is a hard question to answer. We don’t often do present to ourselves. A lot of us are living in survival mode: covering our basics needs and the needs society is giving us, but we don’t enjoy. So when you ask participants to gift you of something meaningful to them, how can they know? When you don’t know how to do presents to yourself, how can you do presents to someone else?”


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