Bottle #39

Night 6

I knew Julia but I did not know Julia. She is working in NCAD. I had met her few time for workshops and waved at her hello every time I met her in the building but I never properly got to know her.

She invited me into her home for this 6th night and I discovered a beautiful person.

She told me she barely never cooks but the afternoon before she hosted me, she made some lasagna for the two of us.

She was worried I was not going to like it.

While she was heating the dish up and cooking a salad for the side, she gave me treats to play with her two kittens Ziggy and Stardust. She got them from a shelter just after David Bowie’s death and called them after his alter ego. They are siblings. She told me she only had one child but she wondered sometimes, looking at how different this two can be, how different her children might had been.

We sat down and shared a dinner. I don’t know if it is from my French culture or from my education but sitting down and sharing a meal with her made me feel home immediately.

The football was on: Ireland vs Italy. During the dinner, Julia was listening to the match from one hear and when Ireland made a goal, she sat down in front of the tv and delighted looked at Ireland winning the match.

When it was finished we talked about Ireland and why it is the place she feels home. She showed me the view she has from her bed and explained to me she likes to spend time in the morning looking at it.

We talked and talked, she asked me if she could do anything for me.

I don’t remember exactly what I said but she offered me two shots of natural health supports. She explained to me how to do it myself again the next morning.

I was starting to get tired and, again, I don’t know how, my clothes finished in the washing machine.

She gave me pyjamas, explained to me how start the hot water, where everything was for breakfast, handed me the Luas fare and gifted me of a big hug.

I had an amazing evening!

When I came downstairs for breakfast in the morning, I found my clothes hung to dry in the kitchen.

I had breakfast and shower; packed my bag.

Met her in the kitchen to tell her a last and big thank you!!!

I was walking under the sunny day and felt I was also shining from inside…

Thanks Julia and Ziggy — Stardust!!!!

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