Bottle #61

Elaine visited the exhibition in The School at the beginning of the week. She stopped for a time in my room and we had a long talk about how The Lost Ones made echo in the world, in her own practice. She made a project called 180km (which you can see here -> ). She walked from Budapest to the Austrian boarder following the path of refugees before her in an attempt to “address the difficult walking journeys of others against political limits and boundaries.”

I saw her again today. She told me, “I told you I will come back” and smiling handed me her treats.

She told me she chose a mix between healthy and comfort food.

I was curious to know what made her come back. She said: “I met you, I like what you are doing, you. I think it is very brave, so I wanted to make your journey a bit easier!”

Thank you Elaine!

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