Bottle #65

Deirdre was here few days ago, today she came back with a book. It is a book she had read and liked. She has two copies which — she told me — helped her decision of giving it away. In fact, she would love her own kids to be able to read it.

When I asked her what decided her to step in The Lost Ones, she told me all about her process related to the project.

She said that at her first visit into the room, she felt apprehensive and went away quickly but then she felt she didn’t want the fear winning over. She told herself: “No need to be scared, just ask” and after a conversation with me she thought it was an interesting project. She had said she will bring me something and she kind of felt the need to come back. “Maybe because I said I will? And it is nice to follow up”

She added: “Probably because my son is in art school, I can also recognize the importance and significance of your action. Anyway, I think it is not easy to do and should be respected.”

Thank you Deirdre!

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