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What’s The Best Place To Meet My Life Partner?

11 Easy Ways And Places To Meet People (Even Maybe Your Life Partner)

I’m a 29 year old guy who lives in Brooklyn, NY.

I’m searching for my life partner. How do I meet women for dating if I do not drink?I’m too shy to just pick up random women on the street.

Do I have any alternatives to online dating?

Why Don’t You Slow Down There A Little Bit, Cowboy?

Ever tried looking for a hundred dollar bill on the ground?

That’s basically what you’re doing by going out and looking for your life partner.

Looking for your life partner isn’t something you set out to do in the morning. It’s something that happens when it happens.

Finding a life partner isn’t like finding a new job or an apartment. There’s no application process, no tried and true method to finding your life partner.

Not to mention the harder you look for it, the harder it becomes to find.

Two Of The Hardest Places to Meet Women

In bars, and on the street.

For the most part, women on the street don’t want to be approached. They’re either on their way somewhere or not interested in being bothered.

In the unlikely event that they’re interested in you or want to meet you, they’ll approach you.

And bars are a terrible place to meet people.

It’s too loud, there’s too much competition, and women for the most part have their guard up. So you’re not missing much.

That being said, I know people who meet people in bars. They usually like drinking and going to bars. So they have that in common.

You Live In the Most Happening City in North America

There are 8.4 million people in New York City. 1.6 million in Manhattan alone. There’s no shortage of people for you to meet.

Even if you didn’t live in NYC, there would still be a plethora of people to meet.

It’s impossibly to do much of anything without meeting people, they’re everywhere!

But, you’ll need to get out of your shell and engage with the world if you want to meet people.

If you’re not interested in online dating (and I don’t blame you at all), we’re going to have to do this old school.

11 Easy Ways And Places To Meet People (Potentially Your Life Partner)

1. Learn A New Sport

Pick up a new sport and join a club/league. You’ll get the added benefit of moving your body and probably getting healthier in the process. Badminton. Volleyball. Softball. Dodgeball. Running. Bowling. Skateboarding.

Doesn’t matter what, as long as you’re interested in it and you can find other people who do it as well. Then, do it together.

2. Learn A New Hobby/Activity

Similar to #1 but with a hobby. Take a class. Join a club. Sign up for a workshop. Learn a new skill.

Archery. Bird Watching. Star Gazing. Model train building. Anything that puts you in contact with new people on a regular basis.

3. Get Out Of Your Shell (In A Big Way)​

Actively work on your shyness by challenging yourself. Join a toastmaster club, start doing open mic stand up comedy, submit a story for a live storytelling evening.

You’ll develop self confidence and you’ll meet people in the process

4. Volunteer. Often. ​

Be a good human being, help others, and meet other good human beings in the process. The world needs you.

Stop thinking about finding a life partner and start thinking about how you can give back, even if it’s only 1 hour a month. It’s better than nothing and probably more than most.

Also being altruistic is sexy.

5. Look Around At Work​

I’m not saying to hit on people at work.

But I am saying that it is possible to meet people at work.

6. Say Hello To People At Coffee Shops

Do you like coffee? I do. I don’t drink alcohol either so I spend a lot of time in coffee shops.

I’ve met countless people in coffee shops. Friends, and lovers. Got a crush on the barista? Great, I made a video for you.

Seriously, I tell you EXACTLY how to do it.

7. Get A Dog, Seriously.

I can’t tell you how many people I’ve met because of my dog. At first it was cool, now it’s simply a bit inconvenient.

Do you want to meet so many people that it becomes inconvenient? Get a dog. If you don’t meet your life partner, at least you’ll have an awesome dog.

Also, here’s a video for you about getting a dog to meet women.

Look at his face. He looks very dubious about your ability to care for a dog.

​8. Use Meetup.com

Go to meetup.com, enter in your city, and marvel at the countless get togethers that are happening at any given time.

Pick a few that look fun and go. Bonus, you’ll probably learn a thing or two, and meet people that are into the same thing you are. Easy Peasy.

9. Art Shows And Music Shows

Take your local paper, go to the events category, find a music show or an art show that looks interesting. Go to it. Maybe meet someone. Might even be your life partner.

Find someone cute, not sure what to say? Try any of these:

Hi. Did you like the band?
Hi. My name is Shaun. What’s yours?
Hi. What do you think of this piece of art?

Or my favorite,


10. Through Your Friends

Take your pride, shove it deep into your pocket, and ask your friends if they know anyone they can set you up with.

My friend met her partner this way. It’s cute as hell and they’re happy.

11. Go To All The Parties

Say yes to every party you get invited to.

Go early and make a point to meet 3 new people. Find out 3 interesting things about each. Watch your shyness melt away (eventually).

It’s Not About Looking for Your Life Partner

It really isn’t. This is what it’s about:

  • Cultivating a full, rich life that you can be proud of.
  • Filling your life with the love of your friends, your family, your work, and most importantly yourself.
  • Being a good person, first and foremost.
  • Giving back as much as you can, as often as you can.
  • Doing work that you can be proud of.
  • Being happy today with what you have

Make sure you have these checked off and eventually, you’ll meet someone who can’t to come along for the ride. There’s no doubt about it.

And if you don’t, at least you’ll have an awesome dog. And probably lots of new friend to go bird watching with.

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