10 Tips For Dating In Your 40's

We all consider dating to be the race to finale of happily ever after. We want every partner to be the one that’s going to stick around. But sometimes, people drift apart or circumstances break the relationship. We may find ourselves standing above the dating pool, asking “what now?”. If you’re in that position, we’ve got 10 tips that will help you find your direction.

1. Get In The Game!

There’s no need to be afraid of getting back into the game! It can be an exciting and thrilling experience if you’re open to it. You can discover a new side of yourself as you spread your wings and soar into play. You will find someone who is more suited to you than your last partner(s). But, you won’t find someone new if you’re closed off to the experience.

2. Strike Up Conversations

You likely encounter many different people on your day to day travels. One of the best ways to get connected is simply striking conversation with strangers. You want to have a friendly attitude towards everyone, letting your personality shine. This is bound to attract the eyes of an interested partner.

3. Set Up A Routine

This doesn’t mean showering every morning at the same time. Set up a routine that gets you see. This can be as simple as having coffee every morning at a cafe. This will help to establish recognition in the people you’ll start seeing regularly. Recognition from others will lead to curiosity and others’ striking a conversation with you.

4. Be Seen!

If there are singles’ events in your area, hit them up. Go to as many events and gatherings as possible and make connections while you’re there. Make sure to mingle, not keep to yourself. Attend social gatherings for charity events, and reunions. Look at your local newspaper and attend any event that might be listed as open to the public. Be seen, because that’s the best way to be noticed by others.

5. Organize Your Thoughts

Another great way to meet new people is by joining an organization. You won’t want to join something just for the sake of joining, so instead, look into an organization that shares your beliefs. You can get make a difference while putting yourself out there. It’s rewarding for both the heart and soul!

6. Learn To Love

If social gatherings aren’t your thing, try registering for a course or class. You could sign up for cooking, or anything else that might be offered in your area. This is a great way to meet new people who might be interested in the same things as you. It’s a great opportunity to learn, while you’re looking for love.

7. Don’t Limit Yourself

You don’t need to confine yourself to the limitations of a box. Let your mind wander. If you’re considering the option of dating someone younger, go for it! If you want to try a different gender, take the chance! Let your heart and soul guide your path to finding love. They won’t steer you in the wrong direction.

8. Get Connected!

There’s no denying that the times are changing. The most common place to meet singles is the internet. Research says that a good 50% of singles find partners through online dating websites. That may not be your cup of tea. If that’s the case, you’re among many who are hesitant to the joy of online dating. You don’t have to be exclusive, but get into the mix. It doesn’t hurt to set up a profile and browse.

9. Maintain Your Confidence

There are going to be those who try and shake your confidence, reflecting a lack of their own. Don’t let them shake you! You know what you want and you are going to find it. Do not give up. Be persistent and you will find what you are looking for.

10. Smile!

Finally, nothing is as inviting as a warm smile. Carry yours on at all times and you’ll find the whole world responds to you differently. A happy soul is a healthy soul. A healthy soul attracts much more attention and celebration.

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