When Introverts And Extroverts Start Dating

We can’t help who we fall in love with, even if they are vastly different from ourselves. They do say that opposites attract, after all. So it may be hard to picture, but introverts and extroverts can fall in love! Introverts might fall for extroverts because they admire how bold and outgoing they are. Extroverts might admire how quiet introverts are, enjoying the change of scenery. It’s common to fall for someone who isn’t like ourselves. Unfortunately, the dating process might be a little more tricky than normal.

Introverts aren’t big fans of leaving the house. They like to stay where they are comfortable. They enjoy relaxing, often reading a book and listening to music. They enjoy companionship, but not too much. They still prefer a good deal of alone time, preferring it most times. This can be confusing to an extrovert, who enjoys being around people all the time. They are social butterflies who want to explore and meet and greet. They want to go new places. They get restless sitting around the house all the time. Even more if they are home alone.

Although they are entirely opposites, there is still ways to make the relationship work.

As an extrovert, it’s important to understand that your introvert will want to be alone. You have to respect their need for space, even when you don’t want to be away from them. You can busy yourself with friendships that occupy your time. But, keep in mind that introverts are often withdrawn due to trust issues. So, if your introvert is texting you to know where you are, be honest and let them know. As an introvert, you can’t be upset when your extrovert doesn’t want to sit around the house with you. If either of you are always making excuses to leave, you might worry about the relationship.

An an extrovert, you’ll love social gatherings! The more the merrier. You want to be in crowds full of people, even if you don’t know them. You’ll enjoy going to crowded clubs, instead of quiet bars. You’ll enjoy concerts, where you’re shoulder-to-shoulder with the people around you. It’s exciting. As an introvert, you don’t want to be around people you don’t know. You also prefer the smaller gatherings, with only a few people. You’ll trade loud for quiet any day of the week. Social gatherings will make an introvert nervous most of the time. If your extrovert wants to go to a concert, try bringing ear plugs. If your introvert wants to go to a quiet bar, go along with them. You’ll want to compromise on the dates you choose to go on. Neither of you want to be uncomfortable, but you want to spend time together.

It all boils down to doing the best you can to meet each other half way.

If you can’t meet each other half way, the relationship is going to be impossible to manage. But if you can manage to find a balance, you’re all set. It’s not going to be smooth sailing, but you’ll manage to get over the bumps together.

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