Hard work and Persistence

Lay more bricks everyday. Lay more days.
That’s all it takes really, pressure, and time. That, and a big goddamn poster.

Persistence and hardwork are two of the most important traits to have inorder to succeed in any endeavour, in my opinion. The evidence is pretty clear, I think. Even if you look at it from a sort of laws-of-mechanics standpoint, which I sometimes do(Can’t help it. Sue me.), to go from point A to point B in a 3-dimensional vector space, the formula is : 
Total Displacement = Velocity * Total Time (without acceleration)

So if you map your current state as point A and your goal state as point B in a hypothetical space where the co-ordinates are determined by the changing factors that define whether you’ve reached your goal or not, we have an analogy to draw from that formula above.

Displacement = Change in your state/reality that is needed for success
Velocity = Your effort per day in the direction of your goal
Time-Unit = A day ; Total-Time = Days it takes to achieve your goal

To put it in plain English, Newton’s laws of motion state that if you keep making effort in the direction of your goal every day, eventually you will get there. (Thinks to himself — What a fucking stupid way of arriving at something so generic and obvious.)

But what I like about this thought experiment is that it allows you to look at your path to success in a mathematical framework where everything(mostly) is deterministic. You can actually plot out the graph and analyze mathematically why what you’re doing isn’t working. It’s a great way to strive for focus-mode clear thinking (as opposed to diffuse-mode clear thinking). Putting that in context, Focus-mode is like searching for your lost key in a dark room with a light beam from a torch. Diffuse-mode is like switching on the tube light of the room. Anyways, I just want to point out that this is a great framework to use to identify where you need to go and what you need to do, keeping in mind that life is a fickle mistress and things may not always turn out as expected. Train for the best and prepare for the worst.

Direction is the same but obstacles appeared.

I think it’s all about figuring out how you go from the metaphorical point A to point B. That’s what navigating life means to me. So without sounding like a coach giving life advice, what steps would I suggest to someone wanting to apply this framework to their own situation?

  • Identify your current state and your goal state.
  • Identify all the key factors that determine your success — Ask yourself, “What has to happen for me to achieve my goal?”. This is like reverse-engineering success, in a way.
  • Focus on the factors that you can actually control and then get to work changing them to get you as close to your goal state as possible. (Will place a reference to another article I wrote on focusing on your efforts here, shortly).

I think this should be the golden rule of the Effort-Making component of success.(The other component being Clear-Thinking.) If you keep putting in effort everyday, no matter the situation, eventually your efforts will produce a fruit. A result. And taking into consideration The Compound Effect, as you put more effort into it, your level of effort increases i.e, your ability to get more done in less time increases. In the mechanics analogy, your velocity increases so you get to your goal-state faster. Taking advantage of the formula, to totally dominate your path and get to your goal-state at the fastest possible, you have to maximize the two things on the R.H.S(Right Hand Side). Maximum effort per day & Maximum days of effort. You work as hard as you can everyday and you work as many days as you can. That’s Hard Work & Persistence, done right ;)


Slay that dragon.