LUXCORE is the ally, not the competition.

These days you hear everybody in crypto talking about why that project is better than the other, but when investors see this war between projects with most of them pointing fingers at each other, they tend to lose faith in the market, and many of them choose to stay away because of the uncertainty that surrounds crypto space. LUXCore is here to change that.

LUXCore has set the base of a trusted project which is aiming not to compete with other projects, but to become their trusted ally and help each other on their way up. In other words, unity in diversity is what LUX seek to bring into the blockchain industry, at a time when it is most needed.

The first step that LUXCore made to begin its alliance with other blockchain projects was by creating the first PoS Web Wallet — As a service. Offering to the end users the benefits of staking without leaving their PC open 24/7 and with no need for a VPS that could help staking, LUX got it all covered, it’s as simple as sign up with your email, and you are ready to go. Along with the high efficiency of PHI2 algorithm, this product will help both industry and environment, as it could be adopted on a large scale to reduce the consumption of electricity. Your project can now be closer to larger adoption with this new service provided by LUXCore, growing stronger together.

Proof of Stake is one of the most essential parts of the industry, where an investor can earn passive income just by holding his coins into an address which can help the network through PoS Hashing algorithm. Think about it like a bank deposit from which you receive interest, but not quite the same, as the bank will use your cash money for their own interest and will not allow you to touch them for a long time. This PoS system allows you to fully control your funds while helping the network on validating transactions and receiving rewards from each block you help solving.

A lot of crypto projects faced serious threats when suffering from 51% attacks on their PoW and DDos attacks as well, but LUXCore has thought about them all, as they said:

“Lux WebWallet relies on an advanced, distributed multi-node architecture for its network infrastructure. Although the user-base remains purely decentralized, responsibility for network maintenance and IT support is centralized within the project hierarchy. This centralization of the more prosaic and esoteric aspects of the technology significantly reduces the incidence rate of user error, thus freeing support personnel to engage in more cerebral exercises for moving the project forward.
It furthermore provides a backbone capable of decision-making when confronted with potential consensus problems associated with various Proof of Stake attack vectors — namely, Nothing-at-Stake attacks and Long-Range attacks. In this way, Lux WebWallet allows for a degree of logic to be infused into the re-establishment of consensus, which can help stave off malicious attacks.”

When it comes to the end user safety, the PoS Web Wallet offers various security measures like 2FA and full control of your private keys. This means you can import / export / delete your keys from the server.

It also brings and easy to use method because the end user will not need to care about wallet updates, those aspects being fully handled by LUXCore. This will eliminate most of the user error cases in which funds end up being lost. Here is a guiding video through some of the PoS Web Wallet basic functions:

A change is needed for the market to become stronger and LUXCore wishes to provide that change together with other trusted projects in this space.

Make your project strong! Start your trusted alliance with LUXCore!

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This is LUXCore and LUXCore is future.

Let there be ~LUX~






*In this article I wrote my personal opinion about LUXCore’s recent and future changes. This is not to be considered a financial advice and you must always do your own research before investing in any project.