My Blackness, has always been offensive

Why is being proud of my blackness, offensive to you?

The white supremacy establishment has made it derogatory to speak about how proud you are to be black in America. The establishment condemns anything that threatens the fragility of the white supremacy structure.

This is the reason that the KKK has been able to survive and even to this day, flourish.

This is also the reason that the Black Panther Party, whom served over 20,000 free meals in numerous communities of colors, were dismantled by the FBI and President Hoover.

The KKK was formed after the civil war to oppress and victimize newly free slaves. From this start, they have infiltrated our police departments, our justice system and through a system of secrecy, they are still in power today.

The Black Panther Party was formed to keep communities of color safe, and be the vanguard of the black communities.

If you think of violence, you don’t think of the Black Panther Party, but the KKK has a history of violence and hate crimes committed against black people here I. America. The KKK has never been considered a terrorist group, nor a threat to society. This is the same reason the term “White on White” crime has never been coined.

America has always had a problem with proud black people. It’s the fear that one day the black man will retaliate, and do to them what was done to us. All black people have fought for is equality, to be treated as a human being, to receive fair treatment.

Today, now and forever, black Americans patriotism should never be questioned. Black people love for a country that never loved them back, should never be questioned. I am an African-American, my ancestors built this country and I am here to stay. It is this love that I have for America, the love I have as a humatarian, that gives me cause to fight for equality, so the playing field can one day be level for all people of color.

My blackness is not hate, but a love for myself and my people.

Published on The Maben Report 07/16/2017