How to clean your chimney

Chimneys are very serious places in the house and need to be kept clean. Burning fires continuously in the chimney can lead to accumulation of soot, which might cause fires if not removed. A clean chimney also makes the house comfortable and puts away animals.

Hiring the services of a professional soot wipe can as well turn out to be very expensive, so if you use your chimney often, consider doing the cleaning all by yourself without spending fortune. This article will provide you with the tips and methods of chimney cleaning safety.

Determine whether the chimney needs to be cleaned

Chimneys need to be cleaned at least after every 12 months, and often if you use your fireplace frequently. Take a flashlight through the chimney to determine the density of the soot, if it has over accumulated then it’s time to clean chimney.

If you clean your chimney only once in a year, do it in the fall, just before the burning season begins. If not, you might spark a fire during the winter.

Check the chimney for animals

It has taken some time before you last cleaned your chimney. Take your time and check for animals before you begin cleaning. Birds and raccoons like to rest in chimneys, especially in the cooler months. If you find any animals, take the relevant steps to have it removed.

Measure chimney flue and prepare to clean the chimney

To clean your chimney effectively, measure the size of your chimney from bottom to top and sideways. You’ll have to use properly sized tools for the job. You will also have to determine the size of the flue and the height of the chimney.

To prepare, wear old clothes that you won’t mind if they get messy. Cover your hair with a bandana to avoid them being stained. You may also cover your hands with work gloves. Use a dusk mask and googles to cover your eyes from the dust and soot.

Remove the damper from the chimney flue

Locate where the damper handle inside the chimney and use the clean wire brush to clean it off. Detach it from the main chimney and set it aside so that it won’t obstruct the brush as you clean the chimney.

Clean the chimney from top to down

Set up a ladder which you will use to climb up the chimney. Assemble the brush used and one section of the pipe. Attach the pipe into the brush and insert the brush inside the chimney. Begin to scrub the flue very clean while using up and down motions.

After you are done with cleaning, make sure you return everything in place. Creosote is a flammable substance, after you are done removing it make sure you dispose it in the trash. Use a brush to clean your house and the areas around the chimney before disposing off the substances into the waste bucket.

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