Step into my Mad’House!

When I sit down and think about what my podcast would be about, I honestly have to say it has no limits. I want to be able to talk about everything and anything, things you hear or think about, even things one might consider taboo. I want you to get involved and I want to invite you to talk and come on the show. I want each episode to touch on new topics, sometimes even old ones with new outlooks.

Be open-minded, question, think.

In the Mad’House, I don’t always what it to be serious, there might be times when the topic changes, things get a little crazy, or even loud, but at the end of the day you would have learned something new. Maybe gotten advice from someone who was once in the same shoes you are now, or you’re even walking down the same road, looking for a new perspective on life. I want to bring all sorts of people onto the show, to talk about what’s going on in Cape Town and possibly the world. A place where different people from different backgrounds, professions have a place to mingle with each other, bringing with them new ideas, topic, etc. This is a place where we can just talk about what we are passionate about, hopefully broaden our horizons to new ideas, outlooks, views and perspectives. A place to bring new ideas, thoughts one might have, but not agree with or know anything about, and bring it to a place where people can interact.

Where the magic happens!

I want The Mad’House to be a place, where two or more people can sit around and talk, maybe even share a bottle of wine, and talk about actual real life events happening to them. It is a place where you can think the way you want, talk about what you want and even disagree. This podcast is about being open-minded to ideas, thought, perspectives and views that might not co-inside with yours, but a place where you can learn, broaden your horizons and just walk away hopefully having learnt something new.

Peace and remember:

Small minded people talk about themselves, average minded people talk about those around them, great minded people discuss ideas. #Beopenminded