5 Tips to Make it “Rain”

rain·mak·er rānˌmākər noun

noun: rainmaker; plural noun: rainmakers; noun: rain-maker; plural noun: rain-makers

a person who attempts to cause rain to fall, either by rituals or by a scientific technique such as seeding clouds with crystals.
a person who generates income for a business or organization by brokering deals or attracting clients or funds.

Your job as “Rainmaker” is to generate revenue. Here are 5 tips to make you a better one:

  1. Listen to your customers needs. (Always listen more than you talk.)
  2. Provide value. Show them the money. (Saved that is.)
  3. Plan your sales calls. (Make a checklist.)
  4. Treat your customers how you’d want to be treated in their shoes.
  5. Sell a solution to their problem, not your product. (i.e. Home alarm systems — you’re selling selling security and peace of mind.)