Breakfast in Bed

I want to wake with a juvenile smile.

To turn over my lids and feel the most serenely tranquil breathing out of the only woman who was born to rest peacefully in my arms overnight.

I’d unwrap her from my clutches, gently kiss her shoulder, face, back, neck, any exposed parts that warranted my affection, as all of her warrants my attention.

Roll her over comfortably, caress her sides & back, down to her bottom & thighs, while I size up the meal she has so kindly made for me.

As I gorge, she remains in blissful ecstasy, as if her dream became reality, as mine surely has.

I’d make the moment last as long as it could; give it as much life as practicality would allow.

Today needs starting, but there is no better way of beginning any day than to take your time waking up.

To wake-up in love is what I want.

The rest of the day always falls into place after that.

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