There is a constant building of momentum into action. It surges unseen, churning into a powerful force that elevates it’s vessel into a higher level of performance. The source of this energy is isolated to the individual, however, environmental circumstances influence it’s inception and can mold the design of the desired affect without ever appearing involved at all.

Without patient development there can be no reward. Avoid the channel where appropriate time is taken and there will only remain a vacant melancholy over a wasted opportunity to seize success. Each observance of this is unique unto itself. There will not be a second chance to repeat the same instance; there is only another chance to conduct a new role the first time, repeatedly. A never ending string of encounters built to offer redemption upon redemption where self-prescribed failure measures the difficulty of each level.

This failure is relative. It is a state of mind, not an outcome. Each outcome which resembles this is veiled in failure yet contains shrouded success. Without the benchmark of each level’s finish, good or bad, there is always missing progress within it’s conclusive realm. One step leads to another. Stairs are not scaled in a leap but in a succession of patterns up or down promoted by knowledgeable experience to the desired outcome of their purpose. Crawl then walk.

Regardless of intention, any action is good. It marks progress. It shows effort. It alleviates the lethargy that can control with ease. Recognition of this is where growth occurs. Acknowledgement of a boundary and the elimination of that boundary synthesizes new boundaries and fresh perspectives which resonate through every level of development. Recollection of interpreted failure and success serve to promote advanced desire and graduates the individual to heightened senses of possibility.

Momentum is integral to the idea of growth but often obstacles will emerge in an attempt to obstruct progress and impede on the individual’s promotion of self. These are the traps of life that can break the most resolved of spirits and splinter progress into various directions that remove the effort from the individual’s control. Lacking expectation is the essence of maintaining control. To believe is slavery; to be is freedom.

There will never be another individual or opportunity or level as this, or that, or then. Be in the now, seize the momentary occurrence in which action can be taken and progress will certainly be made. Do not consider the consequence. Allow the groundswell of your momentum to further the agenda of now, removing all barriers of desire and intent, leaving pure acceptance and acknowledgement of the individual growth in each step forward.