The Mandem Story : HEAD GAME STRONG [Richard]

I had never got head before..

..but it was even difficult for me to pretend I was enjoying it. Shanny was known as a top hoe, but maybe this wasn’t her area of expertise.

I had already felt her teeth 4 TIMES!!

I was tryna make it look like I was used to this, so I just “moaned” abit everytime it hurt.

Maybe, she needed to spit on it or something, like they did in da pornos. The way she was looking at me, it seemed she knew what she was doing.

Maybe there was like a build up…to the pleasure.

She was looking at me so intently in my eyes. I couldn’t understand, why was she looking at me so deeply in the eyes?

It was kinda awkward, especially as I felt she needed to concentrate more on the dick. The head was seriously slacking.

I pulled her ponytail, like I had seen in that meme that said “Ladies,you know your head game strong when your man does this.”

I hoped it would encourage her to step her shit up. Instead, she just started moving her head more awkwardly up and down and still looking me in the eyes!

This was painful. I could feel my ting’s starting to soften. That wouldn’t have been a good look.

If they went soft, the story would be all over the uni in a few hours, not even days! Hours!

It would start with “Ye, I heard Richard moves a bit different you know,” or “not too sure about that guy, I heard some tings about him”

It would eventually evolve into, “one of my girls told me he’s gay”.

Nobody would blame Shanny’s head game. She was certified in the uni.

She was thee uckers badders. The word on the street is she can suck the soul out a bruddah.

If she didn’t leave with a degree, she would differently receive a 1st class distinction in uckery baddery if you could get accredited by the mandem.

I needed to find a way out, without looking like I wasn’t enjoying myself.

My pastor often says the devil will enter your head in many ways, and in this particular instance if suddenly felt as if someone must have left the backdoor to my mind wide open.

Because the idea that came to my head, was one that was definitely going to hold a top 4 spot, on my top 10 list of worst decisions I’ve ever made for the rest of my life..

End of Part 1


Head: Oral Sex

Mandem: Term used for a group of friends or homies.

Uckers badders: A female who has a reputation for being extremely efficient at performing oral sex.

Hoe: A promiscuous person.

Uni: Abbreviation for university.